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Re: A few comments about Knoppix 5.1


On Tue, Jan 02, 2007 at 11:18:15AM -0500, Peter Pauly wrote:
> First,
> make sure you don't blame Klaus for bugs in the individual packages.
> There isn't much he can do about that.

Well, it was my fault, kind of. In any case, I apologize to anyone who
got bugged by the kicker bug.

> Second, regarding the development model, maybe Klaus should pick 10 or
> 20 people from this mailing list that are regular productive posters
> (I don't qualify unfortunately) to use as beta testers and test the
> releases for at least a week or two before the final release. As
> previously noted in the mailing list, the distribution of the image
> would be a problem to solve.

At the moment I'm just unable to test anything by myself, being away
from "the lab", and the (indeed about 10) people who tested the
pre-release versions did NOT find the kicker bug, probably because they
are, well, more or less "power-users" and used keyboard shortcuts
instead of ever clicking on the switcher buttons. Even the 1-2 beginners
didn't find it, because they had never used virtual desktops before. So,
instead of blaming anyone for bugs, let's call it bad coincidence and
get out a new release as soon as possible. There ARE workarounds for
restarting kicker (or even, work without kicker), but they are not
convenient for beginners, so even fixing this tiny bit in 9GB software
is worth a quick update.

> Third, someone previously pleaded for the inclusion of Truecrypt, I
> agree, it would be very useful.

I haven't worked with truecrypt before, preferring loop-aes and the
powerful commandline tools myself (well, losetup and mount, that is. ;-)
. But maybe Martin Öhler, who has been working a lot in the Desktop
encryption/authentication area recently, can tell more about it.

-Klaus Knopper

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