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A few comments about Knoppix 5.1

Note: I'm commenting the product as a whole, without making any 
distinction between what depends on Klaus' worl and Debian developers 
work. This is not an in-depth test, just what strikes teh user at 
first sight.

First, the good:

My very rare printer, an  HP Laserjet 1012, which hasn't worked 
since... Knoppix 3.7, I believe, now works. The fonts in Iceweasel 
URL window are now large enough to be read. The default font in 
Iceweasel itself look OK.

Now, the bad:

I suppose many people would have prefered if Klaus had rewritten the 
new installer. But the old one is still there, a new version may be 
out more realistically in a month or two... and I believe it was time 
for a new release.

This time, the background is plain ugly, which is quite unusual.

In Iceweasel, it's still impossible to search using the very 
convenient lenght of the URL Window. The ridiculous small search 
window is still there for no use at all. 

When you click on Klipper and the message "are you sure you want to 
quit" appears, if you click "Cancel", you quit just the same. To put 
Klipper back, the little arrows that delimited the system tray have 
disappeared. When newbie has found that there's somewhere a clickable 
area, a menu opens to add applets. Unfortunately, Klipper is not part 
of it. You must go to Control Center to put it back. Nice sabotage!

The keyboard I use, the CA, is still unavailable. Yes, there is a CA 
in the list, but it's not the CA, it's the CF. Nice sabotage here 
too: this used to be perfect before Knoppix 5.0. (That's when the 
problem appeared.)

In K3B, if you want to back up only your hidden files -- .mozilla, for 
exemple -- they're nowhere to be found. You've got to thansfer your 
whole directory with the gigabytes of files of your pictures and 
films directory, then remove those, to have your hidden files.  Let's 
bet that newbies just won't back-up their news and mail directories. 
That's *really* a nice sabotage!

In OOo, diacritic characters produced usually with two stokes, such as 
ç, à, è, ü, etc, do not appeared. This had been corrected in the 
previous release, it's back too. How nice!

After lots of fiddling, I finally got the windows media files on this 
(Click the cameras)
to play with Kaffein, not MPlayer. Finding Kaffein would be next to 
impossible for a newbie.

Yes, I know, I could write to developers all over the world, check the 
bug list, file bugs, see it disclassified because considered not 
release critical and spend months trying to get undone what some 
Microsoft-paid drone inside Linux has done in 15 seconds. And, of 
course, I'd be told that what Linux is all about is becoming a 
developer and fixing problems that pop and repop all over the place. 
And face the same bugs in a release or two.

At the present time, Linux is hovering around 0.30% of the visits on 
the net because there is no quality control whatsoever. Things work, 
don't work, work, don't work, etc, usw, People get fed up.

I've been using Linux exclusively for the last 5 years and hoping that 
Linux would make it for the last 10 years. But, no way, the 
development model just doesn't work. I'm getting fed up too. I'll 
check the next release of Debian and if I face the same damned 
problems, I'll switched to Mac OS X. Then, there will be no coming 
back. Linux's development for developers will be able to proceed 
without ranters like me in a computer world where all the standards 
will be set for proprietary software.

If some developer can reproduce the bugs I'm talking about here, mail 
them to Debian who will either fix them or forward them upstream to 
developers. That would be nice. I had myself very little luck at this 
game. Sorry, I'm fed up! 

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