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Re: Re: Knoppix 5.1 Mini-Announcement

--- Klaus Knopper <debian-knoppix@knopper.net> wrote:


> > What about a bit torrent ?
> > I also have a 1and1 developper contract with 1'500 GB of
> > Bandwidth/Month
> > to offer for temporary download. Would this help ?
> How do you restrict torrent downloads to specific persons who agreed
> to betatest a pre-release voluntarily, regardless of breaking their
> hardware and losing all data on their harddisks?
> You may have missed the statement at the beginning, that we were
> about a pre-beta-release test. The public beta is not the problem.

If the testers agree not to publish the bittorrent file
on the net and if the torrent is sent by you to the list
of users you trust, it should work...
You could host the primary seed and any newly installed
or existing bittorrent tracker could be used.

Now about my 1and1 hosting, I have about 100GB of free space
that I am not using yet and that I can offer you temporary
to upload your pre-beta and for other testers to download from
(as long as it doesn't exceed 1500GB/Month of bandwidth).
So for a pre-beta I believe that it is more than enough.
This is what I can offer to help. Take it or leave it.
Am I missing something ?


> > Did you get the chance to rewrite all or portion of the linuxrc
script ?
> > (to include booting from an iso located on a ntfs partition ?)
> tohd=/dev/ntfs_partition works, now that ntfs-3g (the new version for
> fuse-2.6.1) is included on the initrd.
> It will not boot from an ISO file located on a harddisk, because this
> requires a different mount and a statically linked losetup in the
> initrd, further increasing the RAM requirements. But if you put the
> KNOPPIX directory from DVD to harddisk instead, it should work. I
> have no "real" NTFS partition for testing available, though.

I am glad to read that the ntfs-3g is now part of the official
initrd and as such r/w capabilities are now available during
the boot process, including for the tohd option. Thank you.
If that can help, I can test the tohd option on various ntfs
platforms (real hw or vm) and provide you with my feedback.

I still believe that the iso boot is a big plus
(versus pivot_root, or "bootfrom" the KNOPPIX file
extracted from the cd/dvd) since I do not need to replicate
similar data (the big KNOPPIX files) on the hdd in order to:
1) have a fast native boot from the hdd (including from ntfs partition)
2) boot from a virtual cd/dvd in a virtual machine (qemu, vmware, ...)
3) burn a cd/dvd from the iso to demo/promote knoppix

> > Vmware is working on releasing their tools (drivers) with an other
> > licence type
> > which I hope will allow live distros to include them in the hw
> > autodetection.
> Why should I use a proprietary binary-only emulator (vmware) if I can
> have a Free one (freedom, not beer, qemu)?
> > When that will be the case could you please consider including the
> vm
> > tools in Knoppix ?
> I prefer to stay as much Open Source as possible with Knoppix as long
> as
> no vital functionality is missing. And just because vmware is
> (currently) faster than qemu does not mean that I _have_ to use it
> instead. There must be a better reason than this.

I respect *very much* your Open Source requirement.
Even though I really would like to see qemu running as fast as vmware,
vmware is still *much* faster especially because of the vmware
video driver (which is part of the vmtool) installed in the guest OS.
As an example, this makes the X server of Knoppix running in a vmware
faster than all the X servers for windows that I have tried so far.
My two cents.

Best Regards,
Gilles van Ruymbeke

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