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ISO Master

Hello Knoppix Developers

I am the developer of ISO Master ( http://littlesvr.ca/isomaster/index.php ), an editor for ISO files.

It's been in development for a year and a half and 6 public releases have been available for easy download since September 2006. I feel that it's got to the point where it's stable and supports enough features to be included in distributions. Also it's very small, less than 180K including the icons and only depends on GTK.

The current version (0.6) supports i18n and I already have 6 translations (including German) so 0.7 will be available in many languages.

Are you interested in including it into Knoppix? There is already a debian package maintainer (David Johnson) who's evaluating the requirements of including a package into Ubuntu and Debian.

I am a Knoppix fan of course :)



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