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Re: Any chance 5.1 will get out before Etch?

Le 9 Décembre 2006 17:34, tapani.raikkonen@surfeu.fi a écrit :

> > Fri, 3 Nov 2006, Klaus Knopper wrote:
> >
> > Kanotix wasn't ready in
> > 2006. Will Debian become the new bleeding edge distro? Or
> > Ubuntu...
> It's not so simple to maintain a stable distro with unstable
> packages included ;)

Apparently. That's the conclusion Jörg Schirottke came to. IANAD, but 
it seems to me that many developers put a lot of effort in their 
corner to put out a bleeding edge distro. Meanwhile, companies with 
huge ressources put out a not so cutting edge distro every six 
months. The outsome is clear: if small developers don't unite, their 
distros will become meaningless.

Of course, I understand Klaus really wants to have cutting edge with 
material recognition and needs to work with the latest kernel. That's 
normal, it's his business and it's already an awful lot of work. But 
is it really necessary to fit the latest software with the latest 

Of course again, if he puts out a perfect distro for material 
recognition, somebody will pick it up, work in the latest software 
and that's the distro that will receive all the coverage from the 
specialized press. Maybe that's the kind of distros that should join 

Whatever happens, developers cursing and swearing, complaining that 
they work day and night whereas users just whine, will lead nowhere. 
The Whole Wide World won't become a world of developers, neither 
tomorrow or in a foresightable future. Efforts, the way they are done 
now, don't pay. After years and years of hoopla, Linux is nowhere 
near to make it on the desktop:


and hasn't made it yet in public administration:

Wired: Loves Linux, Runs Windows

and that's where the proprietary formats close the way to Linux.

Once again, IANAD, so I know nothing. If developers find their efforts 
pay, I hope that they rejoice and stop complaining about poor little 
headless users whining. If not, maybe they should think about 
organizing their efforts otherwise.

That was my point in the previous message. My hardware is quite old 
and I don't care about having the most up to date software, so I 
won't die if Knoppix 5.1 comes out only in a year. Anyway, it's 
probably Debian that I'm going to install when Etch comes out. But it 
just so happens that "ready is ready" is a rather sad excuse. 
Sometimes, things are really getting late.

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