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Re: Any chance 5.1 will get out before Etch?

> Fri, 3 Nov 2006, Klaus Knopper wrote:

> Kanotix wasn't ready in
> 2006. Will Debian become the new bleeding edge distro? Or Ubuntu...

It's not so simple to maintain a stable distro with unstable packages
included ;)

In unstable has come many new packages e.g. Icedove, Iceweasel, mew
version of OOo etc.

Also keeping Wine and Winetools in Knoppix is very difficult at this time.
Ubuntu's Wine worked with Debian unstable but not any more. Package
wine_0.9.24~winehq0~ubuntu~6.10-1_i386.deb was the last one that worked.

Amd making new knoppix specific packages is a task to do, also. I just
made a new live-CD from my Debian unstable with debootstrap and couldm't
get some packages from Alioth e.g. xorgconfig-knoppix, knoppix-dma and
knoppix-image.  I don't like repacking old packages with dpkg-repack.

Also new kernel 2.6.19 has come and some modules should be tested if they
works or not. I have compiled new kernel with beyond1 patchset
(http://iphitus.loudas.com/index.html) but some extra modules compiled
e.g. ndiswrapper seems not to work (at least with my old Broadcom

Also new packages takes more space as previously e.g. Frozen-Bubble game
is much larger as previously.

By these reasons I undestand well why Kano has had difficulties to make a
new release. Amd as far as Knoppix is concerned, I think Mr. Knopper
maintains Knoppix as a hobby and not to get some extra money. So why not
to wait?

Best Regards
Tapani Räikkönen

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