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Any chance 5.1 will get out before Etch?

Fri, 3 Nov 2006, Klaus Knopper wrote:

> ==> Klaus, is there any plan or schedule for an upcoming new 5.1
> release of Knoppix ? <==

"When it's ready". This was supposed to be in beginning of  
October. :-(
Since then, a lot of new things appeared in Debian and GNU/Linux, 
which I'm still catching up on while trying not to break too many 
things again. Also, I had to switch knopper.net to a new provider 
(but finally running on a pure Debian), which also took some time 
that I had planned for Knoppix.

I'm now aiming for next week. No promises. I always say that. ;-)


Beginning of October, beginning of November, beginning of December... 
It's now one week and one month after November 3rd, and nothing in 
sight. Any chance 5.1 will get out before Etch? This "When it's 
ready" looks more and more like a curse: Kanotix wasn't ready in 
2006. Will Debian become the new bleeding edge distro? Or Ubuntu...

OTOH, I'm glad for Klaus. I suppose this means he's making lots of 
money :)

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