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Re: My suggestion for knoppix specific scripts directory


On Sun, Jul 09, 2006 at 01:43:43PM -0500, Shane Geiger wrote:
> Looks like a good idea to me.  I was doing something similar myself.  
> (In my case, though, I was putting some python scripts on a web server 
> and having my scripts downloaded automatically--which allows me to 
> control a CD even after I have distributed it to someone.  I have been 
> wanting to do a hybrid approach, though, which would combine your method 
> and mine...just in case the Web server would be unreachable.)
> It occurs to me that you should be able to put any kind of file outside 
> of the compressed filesystem and then use unionfs to "pretend" that the 
> file was part of the original compressed filesystem.  This way you could 
> probably play with installations of Debian packages without having to 
> re-create the compressed filesystem.  This would speed up testing 
> considerably.  After you are done testing, you would naturally want 
> these files inside the compressed filesystem to conserve space, however.
> Is anyone doing this already?  It sure would be nice to collaborate on a 
> mini-project like this with someone.

It's actually easy. At the end of knoppix-autoconfig, a file called
KNOPPIX/knoppix.sh is searched on the CD or DVD, and if present,
executed automatically. You don't need a boot option for this.

In knoppix.sh, you can, for example, write

ln -snf /cdrom/my-scripts/45xsession /etc/X11/Xsession.d/45xsession

which should replace /etc/X11/Xsession.d/45xsession on the unionfs
system by your own version in the uncompressed part.

I added this "autoexec" feature already in very early Knoppix versions,
to be able to change things easily from the uncompressed part, without
having to recreate the compressed part, exactly for reasons like the one
you mentioned.

-Klaus Knopper

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