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My suggestion for knoppix specific scripts directory


I have been frustrated in remastering DVD because after every minor changes I need to make a compressed filesystem if not making changes directly to the DVD (with UNIONFS it is now possbile). But I don't like to boot from DVD.

What about doing this like I do nowadays... I have made symbolic links for 45xsession and knoppix-autoconfig (or live-autoconfig) which I change often for testing purposes. These files are located in my remasterings under /cdrom/KNOPPIX/scripts in the same way as modules directory in Knoppix 5.0.1.

Now I have no need to make a compressed filesystem after changing e.g. 45xsession file - I need only make an ISO fs which is very fast to do if DMA is enabled. Then I use Qemu to look how my DVD (or CD) works :-)

Is this a bad idea?


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