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Re: Re: any chance of improved xorg configuration?

Isn'it already the case with the knoppix.sh ?
If I remember rthis right, This script is created
at the persistent home creation and is run at boot time
to mount the home directory but could do anything you want
including replacing at boot time config files like the xorg.conf.
My two cents,

Here's a more generic cheatcode suggestion that might be helpful to
many people in a much larger variety of situations: Instead of pointing
to an xorg.conf file, why not use a cheatcode that could run a script
that could (among other things) replace the xorg.conf file?

Michael Creel wrote:

    Another thing that occurs to me: could it be possible to pass a
location of an existing xorg.conf file as a cheatcode? Something like
"knoppix xorg=/dev/hda3/etc/X11/xorg.conf" When I copy my kubuntu
xorg.conf into /etc/X11 while running Knoppix, and then restart the
desktop, I get a nice full hi-res screen, and the vga out also works.

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