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Truecrypt (was: Knoppix 5.0.1)

Klaus Knopper wrote:

You can use transparent encryption under Linux by using the
crypto-loopback or loop-aes module. Mounting an encrypted partition or
file as easy as clicking on a harddisk icon on the KDE desktop.

Even available for Windows via "CrossCrypt", which is doing the same as
the Linux crypto-loopback, with a GUI under Windows. See

So, apparently we don't need any proprietary crypto software (which
would contradict the idea of security anyhow). ;-)

Truecrypt license might not be "de-riguer" according to some purists,
but the full source is available for unconditional public download;
thus the above comment might be considered somewhat unfair. Besides,
the product has a considerable following, same containers can be
mounted under both Windows and Linux, it is unique in Windows arena
by being free (as in beer) and by publishing the complete source and
I found it to be generally better constructed than any Linux

I'd like to second the suggestion to include it.


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