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Re: Can I use it to test out a evaluation software that has expired ?

the vendor is reputable, conglamorate software manufacturor .  Yes
they do ask for root and I suspect to help their anti-piracy effort. 
A non-priviladged users' space can easily be wiped clean and the
product installed again.

I suspect the product does not call home cause, I disconnected the
network cable and starting the product was just as quick to notify me
to the expiration.  I'd imagine there would be a small pause while it
tries to find home on a disconnected network.

My question now is.........

 does Knoppix create a "virtual"  filesystem where the install of the
product writes its files emulating a physical write to filesystem ?   
 If so then that is probably my ticket.

thanks all.

On 9/28/05, cdr <cedar@3web.net> wrote:
> John Lukar wrote:
> > I installed a software product that had a 30 day expiration time
> > limit.  So now 30 days have gone by...
> > I tried to reinstall another eval version, but the software is smart
> > enough to know there was a prior install eventhough I tried to delete
> > all previous traces of the product.  Of course the software required
> > root password, so it has written something somewhere on the file
> > system and I can't figure out where.
> The software might or might not install to Knoppix. However:
> I would NEVER, as a matter of principle, give out my root password to some
> transient. Whenever I install the system (Linux OR Windoze) I have an old
> hard drive the size of which is at least the size of my / (root, less /home
> or c:, less d: - nowadays you can get 6GB HD from wreckers for $10.- or so)
> and make partimage (this is where Knoppix helps, ask for detais if required),
> save it on CD or DVD (or DVD's? - didn't happen yet), then restore it to the
> "spare" drive so I have a system which transients can mess up to their hart
> content.
> (It is surprising to me that software vendors expect people to provide root
> passwords for such purposes, and even more surprising that there are
> users who willingly do so).
> Cedar
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