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Re: Can I use it to test out a evaluation software that has expired ?

John Lukar wrote:
I installed a software product that had a 30 day expiration time
limit.  So now 30 days have gone by...

I tried to reinstall another eval version, but the software is smart
enough to know there was a prior install eventhough I tried to delete
all previous traces of the product.  Of course the software required
root password, so it has written something somewhere on the file
system and I can't figure out where.

The software might or might not install to Knoppix. However:

I would NEVER, as a matter of principle, give out my root password to some
transient. Whenever I install the system (Linux OR Windoze) I have an old
hard drive the size of which is at least the size of my / (root, less /home
or c:, less d: - nowadays you can get 6GB HD from wreckers for $10.- or so)
and make partimage (this is where Knoppix helps, ask for detais if required),
save it on CD or DVD (or DVD's? - didn't happen yet), then restore it to the
"spare" drive so I have a system which transients can mess up to their hart

(It is surprising to me that software vendors expect people to provide root
passwords for such purposes, and even more surprising that there are
users who willingly do so).


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