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Re: Wireless cards not responding (Re: [Fwd: Your message to debian-knoppix has been rejected])

Klaus Knopper wrote:

Since you asked "anyone", I assumed you originally wanted to post your
question on the list, and write a cc.
thanks! The list rejected my mail
re wireless:

It can be wrong interrupt routing caused by faulty ACPI BIOS or APIC.

Try booting with

knoppix acpi=off noapic pnpbios=off pci=bios

Sometimes, a BIOS update helps, too. Then you don't even need to enter
boot options.

I'll try the options. But it is puzzling, because the card has
worked flawlessly with knoppices up to now
(its an ipw2100 on an  ibm thinkpad)

re reboot

Did you, by any chance, replace the Knoppix version of sysvinit (which
unmounts the CD and asks the user to hit return) by the original
sysvinit from Debian?
I thought I had checked this, but I will look again.

many thanks

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