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Re: [debian-knoppix] Booting remaster candidate.

much better idea is to use qemu to run it while working...
even without packaging the iso.
But it needs some changes in initrd...
or special version of initrd just for booting it.

i dont have time to do it now, but you may try >:]

   readonly hdax   partition  should be used instead of 
   CLOOP image mounted in /cdrom 
   kernel and initrd options should be passwd to qemu
   to run  the remaster in a window.
   preferably using switch like toram or something like this.
   Imho this should be integrated into knoppix to make life 
   of remasterers easier.   

you can  use qemu to run .iso, too.
just  qemu -m 128 -cdrom folder/knopppix.iso 
will run it.

  PS: use at least qemu 5.4 or 5.5

david pravec (alekibango)

Dne út 8. června 2004 16:57 Sebastian Rahtz napsal(a):
> What I do is go through the remastering process, and create
> a final .iso image; then I reboot using the original Knoppix
> CD and enter eg
>    knoppix bootfrom=/dev/hda1/foo.iso
> at the prompt. This boots from the CD, but then switches to
> do everything else from the iso (wherever you put it).
> This does not test any changes to the boot itself, but you
> probably haven't made any. Otherwise it provides a perfect
> test bed. It has saved me many many blank CDs in recent
> weeks.. (when it is going well, I manage about 10 remaster
> attempts a day)
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