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Re: [debian-knoppix] Booting remaster candidate.

Am Dienstag, 8. Juni 2004 16:57 schrieb Sebastian Rahtz:
> What I do is go through the remastering process, and create
> a final .iso image; then I reboot using the original Knoppix
> CD and enter eg
>    knoppix bootfrom=/dev/hda1/foo.iso
> at the prompt. This boots from the CD, but then switches to
> do everything else from the iso (wherever you put it).

Nice, someone is using it ;-).

> This does not test any changes to the boot itself, but you
> probably haven't made any. 

I also use for my developments an combination of bootfrom and grub + memdisk + 

I've attached a small script (to share some knowledge ;-) ), that makes it 
possible to create from an isolinux tree a boot.img, which is bigger than 
1.44 MB ...

You can then boot that one with memdisk and for example grub.

So I do:

mount -o loop KNOPPIX.iso /cdrom

sudo ./make_floppy_3.4.sh
sudo mv boot.img /

and I also have memdisk from /usr/lib/syslinux/memdisk in /.

And in my grub.conf I have:

kernel /memdisk
initrd /boot.img

Works quite well.

Also note that for testing changes to the boot you can use qemu.

qemu -cdrom test.iso

is everything you have to do.

Sadly at least in my version it crashes the kernel, when knoppix' init boots 

But with another init (for example the original 2.84 from debian sarge) you 
can even completely boot and work with it. (I found this out during my 
research in the field of "knoppix from scratch")

Klaus, seems "init 2.78" has some problems still ... :-/

Hope that helps,



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