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[debian-knoppix] additional info on WVdial and Knoppix 3.4

Searching around on the internet, I find that others have seen these problems before me.  I note there are several additional params that could be entered into WVdial that might take care of my problems.  There is a "Compuserve = " param that has values of "0" and "1".  Has anyone used these before to access Compuserve via WVdial?  There is also a param "Stupid Mode = ", which also seems to have values of "0" or "1".  Can anyone say just what constitutes "Stupid Mode"?  I would contact my ISPs, but they are Linux user unfriendly, and won't be of much help.
I am sorry if these are coming up as multi-part MIME messages.  They don't look that way to me when I enter them.

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