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Re: [debian-knoppix] RE: XP wont boot after Knoppix HD install

QtParted works quite well.  That has become my
favorite use for a Knoppix CD (but not my only use 

When our IT department re-images a drive, they use a
disk image, rather than a partition image, and it
leaves me with only a single Windows XP NTFS

I have had great success using QtParted from the
Knoppix CD, to resize this partition so that I can put
Linux back on (Knoppix, Gentoo, Mandrake, etc).

QtParted is not nearly as good as PartitionMagic, but
it's free and it's "good enough" for my needs, most of
the time.

Good luck with it
(and don't blame me if it toasts your drive... I only
said that it has worked well for me, I can't say it'll
work for you...  -- best to back up anything critical
first... just in case)


--- Yann Cochard <yann@cactuspro.com> wrote:
> Le samedi 22 Mai 2004 11:38, Joris Huizer a écrit :
> > I learned the hard way windows can't deal with the
> partition table if it
> > wasn't created with a windows tool (or a tool
> running under windows anyway)
> I am afraid you did not finished your learning ;-)
> I always use Linux do do the partitionning stuff,
> and even the formatting 
> (fat32, not NTFS). It is much more powerful than
> windows.
> Once the partitionning + formating is done, windows
> installs itself just fine.
> > The point'd be, if I have only one windows
> partition, how'd I resize it
> > using windows tools in a way that's guaranteed not
> to cause trouble, so
> > that I could create a new partition for linux ?
> The Mandrake installer does the job just fine (first
> do a defrag in windows). 
> I did not try Qtparted yet.
> Yann
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>      Yann Cochard, yann@cactuspro.com,
> http://yanncochard.com/
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