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Re: [debian-knoppix] RE: XP wont boot after Knoppix HD install

Le samedi 22 Mai 2004 11:38, Joris Huizer a écrit :
> I learned the hard way windows can't deal with the partition table if it
> wasn't created with a windows tool (or a tool running under windows anyway)

I am afraid you did not finished your learning ;-)
I always use Linux do do the partitionning stuff, and even the formatting 
(fat32, not NTFS). It is much more powerful than windows.
Once the partitionning + formating is done, windows installs itself just fine.

> The point'd be, if I have only one windows partition, how'd I resize it
> using windows tools in a way that's guaranteed not to cause trouble, so
> that I could create a new partition for linux ?

The Mandrake installer does the job just fine (first do a defrag in windows). 
I did not try Qtparted yet.

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