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Re: [debian-knoppix] RE: XP wont boot after Knoppix HD install

David Baron wrote:
I said NO when it asked about making the boot records and stuff like that.

Since I had bought and used PartionMagic to create the Linux partitions, I had BootMagic as well. Under Windows, I set up the dual-boot.

When I chose Linux, I was offered another menu of disk partitions to which I might boot, including the Windows! Once I ran lilo, I no longer had this chart, just the linux kernel(s) which I set up.

It is possible, using lilo or grub to include your XP partition to the boot menu as well. Read up on lino.conf.

I learned the hard way windows can't deal with the partition table if it wasn't created with a windows tool (or a tool running under windows anyway)

The point'd be, if I have only one windows partition, how'd I resize it using windows tools in a way that's guaranteed not to cause trouble, so that I could create a new partition for linux ?

I know lilo and I understand it's configuration  - it's great :)

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