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Re: [debian-knoppix] XP won't boot after knoppix 3.4

Date: Fri, 21 May 2004 06:54:30 -0500
From: box191 <box191@lakeozark.net>
Subject: Re: [debian-knoppix] XP won't boot after knoppix 3.4
To: debian-knoppix@linuxtag.org
Message-ID: <200405210654.30622.box191@lakeozark.net>
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At 04:49 AM 5/21/04, Joris Huizer wrote:

I guess we'll buy another harddisk for linux as *windows can't deal with partitions* - thanks to windows we're forced to buy more hardware again...

Speaking of forced to buy more hardware, I had to
buy more RAM to run Linux, and I had to buy a new
sound card for Linux, and I had to buy a new modem
for Linux. I'm told I have to buy a new hard drive
since Linux can't read some Western Digital drives,
including the one I use to boot my computer. I'm
told that I need a new scanner since Linux can't
find mine (Microtek on the parallel port), and I'm
told I need a new digital camera since Linux can't
read mine (Micro Innovations). That said, I had no problem with XP after a Knoppix HD install, maybe
because Knoppix can't read from or write to my boot
hard drive. I use a Windows-based boot loader, since
lilo and grub have problems when written to the MBR,
that is, when they can be written to the MBR. Linux
just isn't ready for the home desktop, but it's getting
closer every day. Linux is still years behind Windows for average home users.

*quad boot Win98, XP, Knoppix-Debian, Mandrake 10
*first saw Linux January 2004


Your µsoft OS seems to work well, so why do you use (GNU)/Linux ?

I had never have to change a Hard drive or soundcard in order to use Linux, I always use Knoppix to change/make partition on hard drive with µsoft installed ... I've never had any problem about it !

I'd like to add: I discovered Knoppix 1 years 1/2 ago and installed it on my personnal computer, I'm using it every day, often more than 12 Hours, my friend has another Kde session open on another tty, at this time I can see on Gkrellm that Knoppix is up since 19 days... (I have to reboot to test new Knoppix release ;) ).

I was using Xpet before, although It was "Stable reputed", (more stable maybe...), I was not able to keep it on my HD more than 2 months ...

Thanks all to have made Debian-Knoppix ! Thanks all who contibute to this wonderfull project !

Debian-Knoppix is more than a live-cd: It is a hope of freedom !


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