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Re: [debian-knoppix] Vote for pump and cheatcode for dhcpcd (was Re:Vote against pump)


> dhcpcd or dhclient?


> OK, Have you the name of the DHCP server do you use? 


> Have you write a bug report against the pump package?

    May be the bug is between my ears :)

> Try it in a separate network with two Knoppix. On one KNOPPIX start the
> Terminal-Server (included the dhcpd3 server). Works it?  

    I have real problem  - home. pump working in my company LAN with dhcp3.

> I often work with the CD in different networks with no problems!
> I expect that dhcpcd solve your problem, but with other dhcp server we 
> maybe will have new problems.  


> Have you the problem also if you use the newest KNOPPIX CD without 
> installing it on harddisk?

    I will check this with KNOPPIX_V3.4-2004-05-17-EN this evening.

> Ok default pump and cheatcode for dhcpcd or dhclient or .... :-)

    No problems - Klaus decided :)

Yavor Atanasov

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