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Re: [debian-knoppix] Call for Software for LinuxTag 2004 DVD

We are going to produce the LinuxTag 2004 DVD this week, and if anyone
has a good recommendation of _freely_redistributable_ software that
could be included, please feel free to post a hint. The software should
be useful to more than one person, though. ;-)

I already included latex, grass-gis, crystalspace, grace, gnome
(including games and gnome-office/abiword), and eclipse (untested yet).

Deadline is Friday, 21.5.2004. Recommendations should be available as
Debian package on the usual mirrors.

i propose these packages be included:

texmacs - scientific structured wysiwyg editor
graphviz - graph layout tools
blender - 3d graphics app (opengl)
fontforge (formerly pfaedit) - font editor
scribus - desktop publishing app
dia - diagramming & uml
gucharmap - unicode browser
filelight - disk usage with a beautiful interface
qps - good qt process manager
mgdiff - visual merge/diff
rpl - commandline search/replace in textfiles
bzflag - networked first-person tank battle game (opengl)
mozilla-chatzilla - irc agent component of mozilla
ffmpeg - audio/video encoder and streaming server
effectv - great fun with a video input
terminatorx - music dj & scratch tool
pgadmin3 - gui postgresql management & db design tool
postgresql-client - standard command-line postgresql client

they are all in debian, working and add functionality not found in knoppix

thanks for accepting my suggestions for knoppix-autoconfig. looking forward to the
next release.
btw, will it be possible to download the dvd image this year?


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