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[debian-knoppix] Re: Call for Software for LinuxTag 2004 DVD

We are going to produce the LinuxTag 2004 DVD this week, and if anyone
has a good recommendation of _freely_redistributable_ software that
could be included, please feel free to post a hint. The software should
be useful to more than one person, though. ;-)

What I'd very much like to see included is more database tools.
One that meets IMHO all the above requirements is tora
I only used it with oracle, but it supposedly also supports
postgresql and mysql.

Oracle also now has a so-called "instant client",
freely available. Unfortunately, the accompanying legal-speak makes
it less than obvious whether it is "freely redistributable"...
Also this is provided as rpm only, but installs fine on debian
after "alien" has converted it. It is needed to allow the above
"tora" to connect to an oracle database.

Java and JDBC are interesting possibilities for lightweight db
connectivity, especially considering that knoppix comes with a
reasonably recent JRE. See eg the following post

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