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[debian-knoppix] Vote for pump and cheatcode for dhcpcd (was Re: Vote against pump)


On Thursday 20 May 2004 07:47, Yavor Atanasov wrote:
> > i like dhclient better, the only thing pump ever comes up with is
> > "operation failed" in the end, with dhclient you can at least see
> > quickly that there is a problem
> I am fully agreed with this. I have two partitions with Knoppix
> (sometimes tree).
dhcpcd or dhclient?

> One old and one new. Every time when I install new Knoppix, need to
> lease IP with WinXP. Quickly restart and boot the new Knoppix.
> Manually insert the IP from XP.
OK, Have you the name of the DHCP server do you use? 
Have you write a bug report against the pump package?

see: http://packages.qa.debian.org/p/pump.html

> base-config (to add bulgarian Debian mirrors)
> apt-get update
> (apt-get upgrade)
> apt-get install dhcpcd
> And I am in the business.

> I tried pump with many options. Change my Macronix with 3Com. Use
> mii-tools.
I think your problem is a problem "with client and server" I have seen 
this problem with a dhcp server in a DSL router and dhcpcd (pump 
works). Yes I have not write a bug report because I have no information
about the router.

Try it in a separate network with two Knoppix. On one KNOPPIX start the
Terminal-Server (included the dhcpd3 server). Works it?  

You can also see some information of the problem with tcpdump. 

I often work with the CD in different networks with no problems!
I expect that dhcpcd solve your problem, but with other dhcp server we 
maybe will have new problems.  

> Nothing. No IP. No Internet.
:-( But you have solved the problem for you. :-)
Have you the problem also if you use the newest KNOPPIX CD without 
installing it on harddisk?

> P.S. May be insert dhcpcd and make new cheatcode or two: pump and
> dhcpcd
Ok default pump and cheatcode for dhcpcd or dhclient or .... :-)

> Do not forget :)))))
> Thanks to all Knoppix people an especially to you Klaus :)
full ack. 
bye Andreas 
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