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[debian-knoppix] Help for Knoppix 3.1


I have recently got a Knoppix 3.1 CD from a friend.This is my first introduction to Linux and I really loved it. But I have got a Problem.The Knoppix CD works just fine on other PCs but not on mine !
I have checked the Cd for data-integrity(with testcd option) & it is OK .
The Problems I face are:-
            1) After loading, the words printed under the icons and in                     the Program Menu  are not  clearly readable.

          2)The windows that open on clicking an option are not                      properly aligned, i.e. Option Buttons like OK,Next,Cancel                        are somewhere hidden ! Besides,Knoppix does not fully cover my Screen in the horizontal direction.

         3) Overall images are not very sharp & clear ,although the                   very same CD works just fine on Other PCs and Windows XP Sessions on my own PC are also very crisp & clear.

Perhaps these Error messages during the Loading process of Knoppix will  give you a clue :-

(1)Error 0:only one Processor found.
   PCI :Device00: 1f.1 not available because of resource collisions.

(2)Starting X11..........
    Retrying with Server Xfree86(vesa)
   Retrying with Server XFree86(fbdev)

  Error :No suitable X-Server found for your Card

(3)Error:Cannot initialize agpgart module.

(4) insmod i810 failed.

 PLEASE  HELP. I do not want to miss out on this Wonderful system.
My Video Chipset : Intel i845 G(L) Integrated.
Processor : Pentium 4 - 1.8 GHz.
PCI Card : Manufacturer Intel Corpn. Device ID:8086-2560.
AGP Card:Manufacture -Conexant ,Device ID - 14F1-2F00 .
Monitor : Samsung Syncmaster 703(M)s/753(M)s/ 750(M)s.

                                      With regards,

                                                Rahul Shukla
                               E-mail : rahul_shukla4@rediffmail.com

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