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[debian-knoppix] knoppix-autoconfig: slovenian/slovakian timezone, iso8859-2 console font

hello klaus, everyone!

i've been merging the new knoppix-autoconfig into slix and noticed a
minor bug in the language-dependent settings for slovenian. the timezone is set to Europe/Bratislava, where it should of course be Europe/Ljubljana, (the Bratislava
timezone setting is also missing from the preceding slovakian section).

another thing which applies in the same section, but to all 8859-2 languages:
i guess it would be great to have
in there too, so that the letters would show up correctly on the console and not
their 8859-1 code equivalents as they do now.

and an even smaller peeve, but maybe an improvement anyway - i think (humbly) we should drop fr from the kdekeyboards setting for slovenia. us and de should stay in as there is a certain percentage of machines with those keyboards used in slovenia, but i have never seen anyone having a french keyboard here. really, honestly.

it would be great to know what you think regarding these.


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