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Re: [debian-knoppix] Wireless USB devices in Knoppix 3.4

On Tue, May 11, 2004 at 07:57:19AM +0200, Michael Bramer wrote:
> On Mon, May 10, 2004 at 06:29:43PM -0700, Adam York wrote:
> > Fabian,
> > 
> > Ok, I just assumed that it would work since the card was detected and the
> > proper module was loaded.  But because of the situation I described in my
> > previous post I was unable to test this since I was unable to specify my
> > essid or wep key while Knoppix was running from the cd.
> > 
> > It would appear however that even if the drivers are broken, there is
> > still a problem with the way Knoppix is set up to handle wireless usb
> > devices since  /etc/wlan/wlan.conf is just a symlink to
> > /KNOPPIX/etc/wlan/wlan.conf.  As you know, nothing in /KNOPPIX/ is
> > writeable.  Klaus obviously dealt with this issue when it comes to
> > wireless pcmcia cards since wireless.opts is not a symlink but a writable
> > file in /etc/pcmcia/.  Shouldn't wlan.conf be likewise placed in
> > /etc/wlan rather than symlinked to /KNOPPIX/etc/wlan/wlan.conf?  I don't
> > see how wireless usb devices can be used from the CD without doing this.
> make this:
> cp -a /etc/wlan /etc/wlan.new
> rm -rf /etc/wlan
> mv /etc/wlan.new /etc/wlan

Actually, cp -a copies the symlink, not the file. Leave out the -a, and
it will work. ;-)

-Klaus Knopper
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