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Re: [debian-knoppix] IBM Blade Center

Le Lundi 20 Octobre 2003 21:04, Chris Liechti a écrit :
> Steven Kreuzer wrote:
> > Hello All,
> > 
> > With Knoppix v3.3, I am attempting to boot a single node in an IBM Blade 
> > Center. It is able to boot off the CD and starts to load, but when it 
> > attempts to mount the KNOPPIX image, it says it can not be found and 
> > drops me into a very limited shell.
> it doesnt find the cdrom, maybe because of the special connection you 
> mention, or because the boot floppy has no drivers for you (scsi?) hardware.
> however, if your "baldes" can boot over network, it may be worth to try 
> the "knoppix terminal server" (you'll find it in the knoppix menu). it 
> will start a dhcp, tftp and nfs severver that allows to boot knoppix 
> over the net as if it were in a local cdrom.

Also exists a Cluster-Knoppix with its Knoppix-OpenMosixTerminalServer
with a patched-kernel and probably other (beta) things for clusters


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