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Re: [debian-knoppix] Lyx doesnt start

> I am using Knoppix v.3.3 and ahve a Problem starting the TeX Frontend Lyx:
> When I start from console, I get the folliwing message:
> $  LyXTextClassList::Read: no textclasses found!
> And a Dialog which tells:" no format writing found, check 'testclass.lst' "
> So are we missing some file from installation?
I don't think anymore. I just tried it out some more times and LyX started the 
way I am used to! So no problem.

I think one shouldn't panic when things don't seem to work at the first time. 
Maybe they start working if given onother try:
The same thing happened with my printer configuration. At first place I wasn't 
able to set up my printer but then I just tired it out again and it workt out 
well. :-)


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