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Re: [debian-knoppix] IBM Blade Center

Steven Kreuzer wrote:
Hello All,

With Knoppix v3.3, I am attempting to boot a single node in an IBM Blade Center. It is able to boot off the CD and starts to load, but when it attempts to mount the KNOPPIX image, it says it can not be found and drops me into a very limited shell.

it doesnt find the cdrom, maybe because of the special connection you mention, or because the boot floppy has no drivers for you (scsi?) hardware. however, if your "baldes" can boot over network, it may be worth to try the "knoppix terminal server" (you'll find it in the knoppix menu). it will start a dhcp, tftp and nfs severver that allows to boot knoppix over the net as if it were in a local cdrom.


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