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[debian-knoppix] create_compress_fs : too big file !!!


I'm running Knoppix-3.3_2003.09.24 and I'm remastering...
As I was in trouble, I tried to remaster the same CD whithout changing anything
but just test the whole process:

I mount (cloop) the huge compressed KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX file
I copy it to mydir  (for a future chroot apt-get ....)
I change nothing, and I 
	mkisofs | create_compress_fs > myKNOPPIX

The file is now 715 MB instead of 700 !!! so it doesn't fit into my CD !!!

What's wrong ? 
Are there any options ? 
I'm working on ext3 filesystem, should I do it on xfs ?


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