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Re: [debian-knoppix] knoppix from hd

>From mark everton on Tuesday, 2003-07-01 at 05:29:32 -0700:
> Thank you for your reply,
> I seem to like method 2 better but then I must
> configure lilo for bootup. 
> Can you please tell me how to do that, because when I
> tried method 2 I copied the files as you say on
> /dev/hda3
> but on boot lilo gave me an error message(it was in
> german so I don't know what it said) anyway....
> How do I make the configuration to bootup with method 2
> and do I have to make the filesystem read-write? ( as
> been said in knoppix.net)

What little I once knew about lilo I have forgotten
during the time that I have been using grub, so maybe
someone else can help you here.  The following is
probably wrong, but maybe close enough that you 
can figure out the rest yourself . . .


It is possible however that you did everything correctly 
except for one point:  to boot from hard disk you need 
an /etc/fstab, which is not there initially.  A minimal
example might look like this:

# /etc/fstab: filesystem table.
# filesystem  mountpoint  type  options  dump  pass
/dev/hda3  /  ext2  defaults  0  1
/dev/hdaX  none  swap  sw  0  0
proc  /proc  proc  defaults  0  0
/dev/fd0  /floppy  vfat  defaults,user,noauto,showexec,umask=022  0  0
/dev/cdrom  /cdrom  iso9660  defaults,ro,user,noexec,noauto  0  0

Here you need to change the "X" in hdaX to the right value
for your swap partition.  You did make hda3 into an ext2
filesystem, did you not?  That is important, too.

> Question: You say that in method 2 there is no
> journaling, is there in method 1?

In method 1, the CD image remains compressed, and you
cannot change the system (by installing new software,
for example), so in some sense it does not matter.

The compressed image could be corrupted if the
underlying filesystem is, but all you have to do
to restore it is to copy KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX back to
the hard disk!


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