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Re: [debian-knoppix] Software recommendations for LinuxTag DVD edition?

* Tom Goulet (UID0) <uid0@em.ca> [030609 04:16]:

> > > - tuxracer
> > >   Surprisingly addictive
> > Already have this. Strange package name, I thought the GPL version
> > was called "openracer"?
> The "tuxracer" package is definitely about racing Tux, and is, according
> to Debian, licenced under the GNU GPL.  Perhaps only an older version is
> released under the GNU GPL.  The "openracer" package sounds familiar but
> I don't know what it is.

/me thought, "openracer" was a split off, while the tuxracer authors decided
to relicence it with their last release.

> > Then it is probably not goot for the DVD. German buerocracy requires
> > to request a "Altersfreigabe" for games, and it would be a pity if the
> > DVD could only be given to people showing their passport to prove they
> > are over 18.
> <looks somewhat shocked>  Government-issued identification is required
> to receive a DVD?!

Yes, since april every game, which is distributed directly, must have
passed a "test" and must show a label, telling everybody, how old you
must be to get the game. If don't have the money for teh test, you
don't get the label, and you are not allowed to give it to children.

Yours Sincerely,

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