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Re: [debian-knoppix] Software recommendations for LinuxTag DVD edition?

On Sat, Jun 07, 2003 at 02:46:30PM +0200, Klaus Knopper wrote:
> For this, I would like to know which software you would like to see
> on a "full featured" version. Uncompressed space available is about
> 6 GB (currently in use: 2.7 GB), so the compressed image will roughly
> need 2.2 GB of space on a 4.7 GB medium, if not too much data is
> already in compressed format.


- tuxracer
  Surprisingly addictive
- ssystem
  Very nice solar system browser ... it seems to work better than
- vegastrike
  It's very unfinished but it has a lot of neat stuff
- kernel-source-2.4.20
  It's a pain to download for dialup folks.
- ltris
  Some bugs but it's the best Tetris clone I have so far found
- elvis-tiny
  Just in case someone with a 486 boots this DVD
- getmail
  Best mail fetcher I have yet found
- sc
  Best spreadsheet editor.  Stop laughing.
- pdmenu
  Handy text Debian menu interface
- lincity
  Fun game, though kind of old now
- sl
  choo choo!
- freecraft
  This game is pretty good, but I wouldn't want little kids to play it
  without talking to them about it first
- openbox
  I just tried this out today
- python1.5, python1.5-doc
  for the purists
- recover
  I have heard this works well at retrieving lost files on "ext2"
- hello
  Hello, world!
- debian-guide, debian-history, debian-reference-en, doc-linux-html,
  Good documentation
- jargon-text
- xpenguins
  Really cute.
- zgv
  Svgalib image viewer, very useful
- xzgv
  X image viewer based on ZGV, also pretty useful
- cmatrix
  Those funky green /Matrix/ scrolling columns in console
- debian-keyring
  phear the cryptography
- bittorrent
  I wonder if anyone could succeed in sharing the DVD they were using
  without using the harddisk...
- putty
  A lot of people are used to Putty.
- abcde
  It really is A Better CD Encoder
- workbone
  cool little CD player interface
- xosview
  underrated system monitor
- webcheck
  web site checking program

Also, howabout you put back /Inside/ by Maxwell Straight and /Penguin
Planet/ by Void Main?  And I can probably pick out some other decent
free music.

Okay, I'm done.

> This DVD edition will be a one-time project [ ... ] and not for
> download (maybe with exceptions for betatesters with high bandwidth).

Oh, let some crazy Bittorrent guys get loose with it :-)

Tom Goulet				mail: uid0@em.ca
UID0 Unix Consulting			web:  em.ca/uid0/
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