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Re: [debian-knoppix] Open accounting and Open source

On April 29, 2003 04:05 pm, Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo wrote:

>  Well, it was somehow implicit. As I see it, giving money to
> Knoppix won't make it to have security patches, as giving it to
> Debian won't by itself. If you need that, you need to directly pay
> a person to do that.

Well, for now, Klaus doesn't seem to ask too much money for himself 
and security would be a likely place to invest some money. Also, as 
you said, money can be earmarked :)

>  After all, if you're really so concerned about security you should
> be using Debian stable, not a mixture of testing and unstable :-)

Unfortunately, Debian stable is always WAY too outdated to be of any 
use to a desktop user so, since I came to know Slackware 
idiosyncrasies and despite it's rather buggy, I might rather stay 
with it.

I'm beginning to figure Knoppix shouldn't be installed on a HD. A new 
release came out yesterday and there's still not a word about 
security fixes. Klaus wrote yesterday "I'm not even sure if the 
ghostscript problem is really present in the current unstable debian 
packages" I explained KDE 3.1.1a must be installed. And still not a 
word about it. Status of Openssl is also uncertain.

I was thinking about proselytizing (phew!) Linux with Knoppix, just as 
Mark Constanble has been doing but, for now, I certainly wouldn't 
recommend a HD installation since everybody agrees on the "principle" 
that, with open source, patches must be applied fast.

It seems to me a very nice occasion to make every effort count is 
being lost. Somebody ring me if anything happens on this front.

La Masse critique
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