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[debian-knoppix] knopper.com

Hi, all!

I tried 'knopper.com' from i'net explorer a bit ago (don't like to use ms,
but the us gov' is in bed with the trash). To me, the following details are

   1. The resulting page locked me into a loop that begins with a request
   to make the page my home page. The only way I could get out of the loop
   was to end     the browser task from the task list.

   2. The registrar for the site is in Redmond, WA, i.e.,  the site of
   microsoft's headquarters.

   3. At the top of the list of url tags is 'For Sale - Contact Us'.
   Presumably, it's the url that's for sale.

Another one of crazy bill's pranks?


Tom Arnall
Information Technology Specialist
Redwood Sciences Laboratory
USDA Forest Service
Arcata, CA

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