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Re: [debian-knoppix] Open accounting and Open source

On Mon, Apr 28, 2003 at 11:43:20PM -0400, Gilles Pelletier wrote:
> Excuse me if I snip your post. I believe you have some very 
> interesting ongoing projects, but unfortunately, I'm not myself a 
> programmer and I can't speak for Klaus and all the good people here.

   Sure. And I'm very interested in hearing them also.

> One thing is sure though. After all the talking, the problem I wanted 
> to see somehow addressed -- which, you'll remember, is having the 
> security updates come out sooner for unstable -- remains whole.
> To tell you the truth, as a user, this is what bugs me the most and it 
> pretty much obnubilates any other consideration.

 Well, it was somehow implicit. As I see it, giving money to Knoppix
 won't make it to have security patches, as giving it to Debian won't by
 itself. If you need that, you need to directly pay a person to do that.
 When you can face security problems in Debian is in testing, because
 packages must wait a time and dependecies to be fullfiled. Usually
 packages in unstable are being updated quickly, but still you can have
 a person taking care of that.

 If Knoppix starts to be more integrated in Debian, as I propose,
 releasing a new version with a security package which has been uploaded
 to Sid will be very easy, and a lot of people will benefit for that.

 After all, if you're really so concerned about security you should be
 using Debian stable, not a mixture of testing and unstable :-)

  Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo

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