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Re: [debian-knoppix] Open accounting and Open source

On April 27, 2003 05:43 am, you wrote:

Note: Mark Constable is the first person I was talking about who 
answered my post.

> Issues I have never seen addressed in any other forum... I like
> Knoppix even more now and I haven't even burnt the current ISO to
> CD yet !

Wait till you do. You're in for a surprise.

> Please excuse my rambles and that I don't feel like replying to the
> list 

Well, it seems you finally did and I thank you for doing so. I feel so 
embarassed when times comes to talking "business", or rather, 
organisation amongst techies. I feel techies think this is the kind 
of discussion that brings trouble, that if everything was kept on a 
technical level without "ideology" or whatever, everything would be 

I believe exactly the opposite. In any kind of organisation, some kind 
of organisation is needed. I understand Klaus is not very 
enthousiastic about this since he never wanted to start a distro, 
just put together a CD to test equipment. But like the song says, for 
better or for worst, things don't always work out the way that you 
planed. Reality bends your arm in your back.

As knoppixfr.org and knoppix.net were already online, Klaus decided to 
register knoppix.com (Maybe .org would have been more appropriate?) 
I also suppose there are reasons why knoppix.net doesn't use the 
distro's default background anymore. 

It's not that I'm against any new Knoppix endeavour flying on its own 
and doing what it wants, but it's important that people can identify 
where they can get first hand info from the guy who runs the distro 
and his recognized friends.

This basic organisation is needed even for open source. Now comes a 
new concern: security. From what I could gather, it's not optimum for 
understandable reasons. Still, I believe it must be adressed.

Of course, nobody here gives a damn about a security hole with 
ghostscript in KDE while opening pdf file. The hell! You just don't 
open untrusted pdf files, and that's it.

The problem is if you starr distributing Knoppix CD to you family and 
friends, people who have never seen an extension on their Windows 
system, never heard about security fixes, someday, you're bound to 
have problems. And it will be no use explaining why the problem 
happened, it will be bad for business, even though it's open source 
business. So, if the is a problem, it must be addressed.

How, is the question. Let's move on.

La Masse critique
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