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Re: [debian-knoppix] Open accounting and Open source

On Mon, 28 Apr 2003 02:13 pm, Gilles Pelletier wrote:
> ...
> Of course, nobody here gives a damn about a security hole with
> ghostscript in KDE while opening pdf file. The hell! You just don't
> open untrusted pdf files, and that's it.

You have a point but I personally avoid PDFs anyway so this
potential security hole is marginal at best for me.

> ...
> How, is the question. Let's move on.

Indeed. My concern is more for the future of KDE intergration
with Debian than security. There is some contention and instability
with the KDE/Debian alliance and the reason I joined this list,
and Agnula (demudi), is to find out if there is any available
spare cycles to help coordinate some team effort for supporting
KDE in Debian. Knoppix relies on KDE and my usage of demudi will
orientate towards QT based apps in a KDE environment so I am
prepared to put some time, bandwidth, hdd space and cold hard
cash towards helping to ensure that KDE gets more focus and
attention to timeliness and detail than... err, it has lately.

I'm still unsure how best to go about doing this though other
than use Gentoo and do "emerge kde" and wake up the next day
with the latest and greatest KDE... I'd rather apt-get it
knowing my win/mac friends might have some chance of also
using the same tools I do. These win/mac people will NEVER use
Gentoo or even a raw Debian system (by themselves) but I have
witnessed some of them boot Knoppix with a pleasantly surprised
look in their eyes... so there is hope I can share linux with
them and Klaus almost on his own made that possible. No cigar
for Debian by itself, it's too busy trying to be something
else, politically and culturally, that I'm not interested in.
I'm just not sure where to put/share my meagre spare resources
towards helping the parts I see as important. Knoppix is about
the closest I've come across yet and Gilles input is inspiring.


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