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Re: [debian-knoppix] Update: Embedding md5's in iso's...]

> Having the checksum of KNOPPIX/boot.img in the md5sums file should be
> sufficient for this part, too. Plus, it can be verified with the more
> common md5sum program instead of a special program that reads from an
> implanted md5sum.

That's true... but now there are 2 MD5's. If additional files are put in
the uncompressed area or kernel bloat forces the use ISOLinux instead of
floppy emulation, separate checksums will be needed for the kernel,
initrd, F1, F2, logo.16, isolinux.cfg... etc. Using a single MD5 and a
tiny utility to check all the bits on the CD seems like less work. :)

I agree that md5sum lists will work well with Knoppix when support for
it is added in future releases. Implanting, however, is an alternative
and equally reliable approach that anyone can use with past or present
iso images that they've downloaded... so I thought that the technique
might be a useful one to share with the list.

Best regards,


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