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Re: [debian-knoppix] cheat code that allows hd based knoppix from original CDROM

Dennis Ng wrote:
In the exterme wish what one want is simply

- a fat32 partition (windos c:) or this is not possible another partition
- a knoppix swap file in this partition
- a knoppix home file (.img) in this partition again
- the /knoppix in this partition as well
- a cdrom

The issue is

a) The solution above is already documented in hdbased but I miss it first round as the whole page above is very hard to follow. Still, the need of floppy in all cases sesms not unnecessary as everyone that run knoppix would have cdrom. Insist on floppy would mean that I cannot use my cdrom.

you can easily make a bootable cdrom with only the bootfloppy on it. most burn programms support that. just add boot.img to the cd and choose that it should use that file as boot disk.

you can of course also use my "eject before it loads the cdrom version" method to load knoppix from the harddisk with a normal knoppix cd.

> Using Lilo helps but it touches upon MBR.

no, you can also put it on a floppy ;-)

loadlin could also help (but it seems only to work with win9x/ME, i hear) but then you would boot into a DOS or windows environment first, which isnt the most convenient way to boot linux...

you can also use the windows boot loader to load linux (for NT/2k/XP)
but im not sure if it also works easily with a "poor man's install"
it works fine with a full install.

> BTW, the network
based approach is not in the minimist spirit as it require one more CPU.

its verry practical if you have the infrastructure. its of course not suitable if you have a laptop and want to boot in the train or so.

b) For the persistent home, it does not work so far . I have used a knoppix menu to create the knoppix.img. The script came up with an error message of
"THE KNOPPIX configuation could NOT be saved:
/usr/sbin/mkpersistenthome: line 231:rsync: command not found".

that has nothing to do with how you booted into knoppix. either you specified a wrong path or there is a bug in mkpersistenthome.

Struggle still what is meant by that. At the end of the day may have to set up the 7g linux partition to do the knoppix cloning. But I still think that such hard work is not necessary.

what do you mean by clonig? a regual knoppix hdinstall fits on less than 2.5GB

Overall speaking, it just seem it is there and I have to work a bit harder to make knoppix very user friendly distribution. You simply do not have to wait few hours for a new disrtibution compile and run on a new machine.

most linux distribution do not require the user to compile anything... except gentoo. and its faster for me to update a regular debian install
than knoppix because it usualy downloads much less than 700MB.


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