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[debian-knoppix] cheat code that allows hd based knoppix from original CDROM

One of the performance hint of using knoppix is the
use of CD-ROM and hence one has an option to based the
knoppix on hard disk. Given the update freqeuncy of
knoppix and also the hardship if one install other
distribution, that would be the prefer option of
testing and even using Linux for development purpose. 
It is like having Virtual PC without the now MIcrosoft
owned company's product. One simply copy across the
/KNOPPIX from the iso image.

In this line of thinking, may I ask whether it could
be possible to simplify the current process a bit
further.  One suggestion would be for one to use a
cheatcode to tell the system to look for /KNOPPIX on
the hard disk instead of on the CD-ROM.  That would
eliminate the need of all these steps.  The implicit
hardware requirement i.e. a floppy, a CDROM and a hard
disk to build the hard disk solution is also not

Also, combine with the current cheat code to use a
local image of home directory, this will result in the
maximum flexibility in one can easily opt for a pure
CDROM down to pure hard disk based using the CDROM iso
image and a local image of home directory.  That could
be done even without using LILO (i.e. boot from CDROM,
find the home directory in one of the hard disk and
KNOPPIX also in the hard disk).  Touching MBR is much
worry cf with using one directory and one file under
windows.  (I am not sure whether that may need to have
a cheat code so that the home directory image could be
updated but relate to the home directory not on the
hard disk based part).

Just a suggestion. 

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