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[debian-knoppix] mmkcdrom - the easy KNOPPIX-CD-creation tool out now

Hello KNOPPIX tweakers, 
I recently published the new version of my recording tool 'mmkcdrom', which 
seems to become one of the easiest and most powerful tools for creating 
remastering and tweaking KNOPPIX CD-Roms. 
In the current release, 'mmkcdrom' can: 
- Remaster KNOPPIX 
- Edit the default boot prompt 
- add knoppix.sh tweak files and record the current configuration 
- The user will be supported while mounting partitions for temporary files 
  as well as creating and activating the swapspace. 
Please try it out and give comments and suggestions, report bugs or 
hardly understandable messages and options. If you know English, 
you will find a lot of misspelled words and strange constructions 
in the program as well as in its documentation. Please report this too. 
The CD-Recording tool 'mmkcdrom' is part of the plugscript configuration 
system (if you unpack the plugscript package, you will find it in the 
folder 'knoppix.d/important/tools'.) 
Plugscript home page: 
Download directory: 
(All archives here also contain the recording tool, 
if you don't know, which one to choose, take 
file 'ps_knx_..._empty.tar.bz2' ). 
Have fun. 
Andre' Holzhey 

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