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Re: [debian-knoppix] cheat code that allows hd based knoppix from original CDROM

Dennis Ng wrote:
One suggestion would be for one to use a
cheatcode to tell the system to look for /KNOPPIX on
the hard disk instead of on the CD-ROM.

the knoppix bootfloppy does this already automaticaly
(from CD or from floppy)

> That would
eliminate the need of all these steps.  The implicit
hardware requirement i.e. a floppy, a CDROM and a hard
disk to build the hard disk solution is also not

you can simply copy /KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX to your harddrive and
either use the bootfloppy or boot from the CD and eject it
shortly before it tries to autodetect the KNOPPIX image.
(this is sometimes also refered as "poor man's install")

i think what you want is already possible ;-)

you can also put the image on a server and use network boot.
that can be done either with the terminal-server on a
running knoppix or with GRUB (i recently posted a small howto
in this list). the network boot eliminates all hardware
requirements, except a CPU, 128MB RAM and a network card and
gfx card+monitor, of course...


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