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[debian-knoppix] Kppp Problems

To All-

New to list and newish to Linux.

I like Knoppix a lot and want to use it as a base for Debian Woody additions
to the OS, but I have a problem.

Operating environment-
PII 400, 384mbRam 40G HD
Knoppix installed on first 17G, Swap file, then Red Hat9 on last 20 G.

On the other hard drive are various Windows releases so using boot floppies
to boot to Linux; works fine.

Hardware modem is US Robotics/3 Com 56k.  Knoppix run from the CD sees and
uses this modem to access the network, log on and browse.  Done with Kppp
Same with RedHat9 Same version, same program, same modem and log on
settings.  works fine.

But when Knoppix was installed to hard drive, I can log on to network, but
cannot browse, ping known IP addresses or anything.  Its like TCP is not
enabled . I can ping and an adjacent machine over a LAN, but
nothing goes out of the modem. I don't understand this...same modem, same
ISP settings as Knoppix on the CD and Red Hat.  I even copied the /etc/ppp
folder from a  running Knop-CD instance to the HD install...still nothing.

Truthfully I had similar problems with Libranet and Woody using this modem
that is why I thought I would try Knoppix.

Any help or suggestions would be most appreciated.

Ridge Cook

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