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[debian-knoppix] 3.2 and mysql

Hey Group:

Has anyone got mysqld working with v3.2?

I have used kns-hdinstall on a machine and everthing went
Trying to get mysqld working with no luck.  I have set
permissions, group and owner and  even corrected the
/etc/group to include "mysql" and not "msql".  All of this
goes back to the O'Rielly MySQL book on setting up mysql. 
The log states something about can not start the server
because it can not "Bind on Unix socket".  Is this a
Permission or Network error?  

I have checked services and 3306 TCP/UDP - good!
I have confirmed /etc/mysql/my.cnf.

No luck.  Where am I missing it.

I installed 4.0.12 on a V3.1 to get it to work and it worked
following the book.   
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