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[debian-knoppix] Suggestions

I'd like to suggest the making of a more minimum
version of knoppix.
Don't get me wrong I like most if not all of the
programs installed but I also have a bitch of a time
getting rid of some of them and wastes alot of time as
I would be nice to have one that only had an
up-to-date version of KDE and gnome (when the bugs are
worked out, get version 2) and blackbox and/or icewn
and let someone else worry about installing the other
packages. Lets face it not many of use will be using
both openoffice and koffice!! Kstars and most of the
games might not be what someone using knoppix as a
rescue CD might want as well.

I'd also like to suggest adding mirrors for the
packages installed on knoppix so that additions would
be simpler, at least for those of use who are just
mere newbies.

I'd like to see more minimum versions out and about,
and some focus on miniCD distros (which would be
easier for someone to add to) because they are easier
to work with most of the time as well and easier to
carry around with you when they fit onto a 200MB CD.

Yahoo! Plus
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