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Re: [debian-knoppix] Suggestions

Well, your ideas are actually exactly the reasons why i started Morphix, and i
must say most people enjoy the ability to choose between Knoppix and my
derivatives, as there are places where you might want a 'bare-bones' desktop and
others where you might want to make use of the full collection of software
available on Knoppix. 
I would suggest you take a look at the light version, it's a 185mb iso made
especially for minicd's and might suit your needs. Freedom of choice :)


Quoting Rachel Goldman <sublime29_111@yahoo.com>:

> I'd like to suggest the making of a more minimum
> version of knoppix.
> Don't get me wrong I like most if not all of the
> programs installed but I also have a bitch of a time
> getting rid of some of them and wastes alot of time as
> well.
> I would be nice to have one that only had an
> up-to-date version of KDE and gnome (when the bugs are
> worked out, get version 2) and blackbox and/or icewn
> and let someone else worry about installing the other
> packages. Lets face it not many of use will be using
> both openoffice and koffice!! Kstars and most of the
> games might not be what someone using knoppix as a
> rescue CD might want as well.
> I'd also like to suggest adding mirrors for the
> packages installed on knoppix so that additions would
> be simpler, at least for those of use who are just
> mere newbies.
> I'd like to see more minimum versions out and about,
> and some focus on miniCD distros (which would be
> easier for someone to add to) because they are easier
> to work with most of the time as well and easier to
> carry around with you when they fit onto a 200MB CD.

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