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Re: [debian-knoppix] Network booting version 3.2

Am 07.04.2003 07:51:03, schrieb Bill <boober95@rogers.com>:

>I've been playing with Knoppix for a couple of weeks and I must say I'm 
>impressed.  What I'm looking for now is alternatives to CDROM booting.

i'm wroking on a version with GRUB. it also supports loading linux
over the net and only requires a NFS and TFTP server. almost any
unix machine should work for that :-)

>I'm running it on a WinXP machine that I don't want to change the 
>partitioning on, so I've ruled out copying to the hard drive.  (Though I'd be 
>interested if it was possible to do a poorman's install or a boot from an ISO 
>image that was copied to the native NTFS, but I'm not interested in a full.)

its possible if one of your partitions is FAT32. in that case you can copy
KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX to that drive and use the bootfloppy

>Anyhow, I booted Knoppix on a server, and started the 'terminal server'.  
>Then on a client I netbooted.  It did the initial DHCP and came up with the 
>boot screen and the 'boot:' prompt.  But when I hit return it tried to 
>connect and reported the following error:
>kmod: failed to exec /bin/modprobe -s -k etho, errno=2

did you include the network driver for your client when the knoppix
terminal-server configuration asked for the drievrs?
and you should not select all drivers, say at most 10 or so. the
space in the generated miniroot file is limited and you wont see an
error even if not all drivers fit on the disk.


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